I am one who seeks for truth through the scriptures and historical documents of the LDS foundation movement.  My desire is to be found watching as one of the wise virgins when the bridegroom cometh in the Third Watch.  The opinions expressed herein are my own.  You should do your own research and rely only upon the word of God as authoritative in your searching.

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  1. Hi Searcher,

    I am also a reader of Watcher’s blog and I asked him if he had a quote from Joseph that I remember reading at some point but I can’t find it now, about him saying early on in 1832 or something in Kirtland that all of the necessary principles and ordinances for exaltation had been restored… This is what Watcher said:

    “Actually I think I do recall something along those lines. As I recall, it was related to getting the Kirtland Temple finished and he said something like all of the ordinances and offices necessary for eternal life have been revealed and established or something like that….

    “Now it will drive me crazy.. LOL”

    Can you locate such a quote?




    • Hi Mark:
      Haven’t seen that quote, but now I will go looking for it! I think the best evidence is Section 76 regarding what is required to enter the celestial kingdom. Pretty simple stuff…anything more or less cometh of evil.


  2. Mark:
    I found the quote. Read it in Anderson’s “The Savior in Kirtland” on page 258. It is originally from HC 4:432-33. Interestingly BYU appears to have taken down their link to a searchable copy of The History of the Church. I have to go to BOAP.org to search a raw scan without page numbers. I don’t want to ascribe nefarious motives to the disappearance, but it is curious. Why the LDS.org site doesn’t have this available is beyond me, but then again they don’t have a link to the Journal of Discourses either.

    “I then observed to the quorums, that I had now completed the
    organization of the Church, and we had passed through all the necessary
    ceremonies, that I had given them all the instruction they needed, and
    that they now were at liberty, after obtaining their licenses, to go forth
    and build up the Kingdom of God, and that it was expedient for me and the
    Presidency to retire, having spent the night previously in waiting upon
    the Lord in His Temple, and having to attend another dedication on the
    morrow, or conclude the one commenced on the last Sabbath, for the benefit
    of those of my brethren and sisters who could not get into the house on
    the former occasion, but that it was expedient for the brethren to tarry
    all night and worship before the Lord in His house.”


  3. Russell Gordon said:

    Why did you stop posting? I enjoy your posts and assume others do too. Are you posting elsewhere? Your posts are thought provoking and drive me to the scriptures and to my knees. Have you been told to stop? Do you correspond with others?


    • Hi Russell:
      Thanks for the question. I am working on a book about Joseph’s intercessory offering which is taking a good deal of my focus and has kept me from posting recently. Should be out sometime in 2016. Glad you have enjoyed my posts. I will try to get another out in the near future.


      • ryannickelco said:

        Is your book out yet? I have finished Watchers book and I’m looking for something new to study.


  4. Hi, Searcher. Are you also Watcher aka onewhoiswatching? Because he is also writing a book about Joseph’s intercession. The reason Im asking is was gonna make a few comments here which I made to Watcher in email. So, if you’re him then it would be good to know not to repeat myself.


    • We are two separate individuals searching diligently for the truth. I have personally met Watcher and have corresponded with him occasionally. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he writes, but I can tell you that I go to all the original sources when I can to verify and understand. He has a vast knowledge based on years of word searches. I was going to challenge him once on his assertion that John the Baptist was the transmigration of Elijah the Prophet. Instead I looked at all the relevant scriptures and came to that conclusion myself. Just tells you the power of the word of God. No one should rely on Watcher or Searcher or anyone else when it comes to learning the truth. Go to the source yourself.
      I welcome your comments.

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  5. Just another searcher said:

    I was wondering how your book is progressing. I’d love to read what you have. Let us know.


  6. Emerson James Blackmore said:

    I have found your work most valuable. Some things have become simplified and clarified. Thank you. I would be very interested in your analysis of an evening with Brother Ridges where he discusses 65 Signs of the Times before the Second Coming of the Lord. I hope you can find time for this and if you can work with MD and Watcher that would be helpful as well. Thank you Emerson Blackmore


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